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Inmigrants in Spain Empty Inmigrants in Spain

Post by Fernando Castro Báguena on Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:45 pm

There are a lot of people that inmigrates to Spain, to look for a job, a place to live, to scape from wars...
I think we should help inmigrants to integrate them in the society. They are as us, the only differences are skin colour and the different religions we have.
Because of the war in Irak, there have inmigrated a lot from Irak to Spain to scape from the war. If that war wouldn’t have happened, now inmigrants wouldn’t be coming to Spain to look for a better life. We have two options to look a solution for the thousands inmigrants, or we help inmigrants to integrate in the society or we help them to stop the war in Irak so the inmigrants that came here to Spain can return to their houses with their families and continue living like they were living, with peace, with their families, without bombs exploiting each 5 minutes.

Fernando Castro Báguena

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Inmigrants in Spain Empty Re: Inmigrants in Spain

Post by Marta Aparisi on Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:39 am

I agree with you Fernando, but you forgot to mention that immigrants coming from other parts of Europe that have studied and worked, when they arrive to Spain they have it easier to get a job, and also that immigrants have to adapt to our society and learn our language. I mean that immigrants also need to make an effort to integrate in our society when they immigrate here.
Good work!

Marta Aparisi

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