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Post by luciamoreraa on Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:32 pm

Social diversity means people with different opinions (religions, political, sexual orientations...) summarizing: people with different cultures and perspectives. This option to be different is what is named a social diversity. This is like that because every company develops his own expressions and, therefore, his own culture. The beliefs, the art, the right, the customs and the traditions are some aspects in which the diversity is reflected. No people, civilization or community is exactly equal to other one; it is more, no person has an identical couple. This option to be different is what is named a social diversity. Actually all the human beings we are equal, since we come from the same species. Though inside what is the human species there are enough variants or subgroups as the races, one can be an Indian and have different color of skin but an African has the darkest skin and they are equal. That is to say, that if that we are all the equal ones and the social diversity does not seem to me likely. Though the whole world can think differently with regard to this topic, since the whole world can think differently.


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