Immigration in Spain

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Immigration in Spain Empty Immigration in Spain

Post by Brenda Rodríguez Ferreiro on Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:09 pm

First of all immigrants come most from the North of Africa because of proximity, so I think that in Spain where more immigrants are is in Ceuta and Melilla. They come here running from their country because of wars and economic problems. They are many and they aren’t so developed as us, but I think that they can be.
I think that immigrants are integrated in output country but not totally because most of them don’t have the same educational level as us because of economic problems and wars in their countries. I also think they immigrate in other countries trying to look for a better life and to start again. In our country they are aloud to come but it’s harder to find job for them.
As well most of them doesn’t speak our language and that also affects but I think that they need a chance to have a better life and that with time they can be integrated in our country.

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