Are immigrants integrated?

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Are immigrants integrated? Empty Are immigrants integrated?

Post by Sandra Blazquez Estelles on Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:50 pm

Are immigrants integrated in the Spanish society? Is a good question. In my opinion in some aspects yes but in others they are not as integrated as we think or as we wanted them to be or even not as much as immigrants espectro to be.
I think they are integrated in the aspects of aceptation because we trate all of them as they are, as equal as us. They can do normal life, sometimes even better than win their own country because of the situation in which they where living.
But sometimes there are people who don’t accept them completely, this is really bad because we all need to accept immigrants, but to stop this we can make things like a solodary melas or benefic race.

In conclusion the mayoralty of Spanish people accept and help immigrants.

Sandra Blazquez Estelles

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