Social diversity, yes or no?

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Social diversity, yes or no? Empty Social diversity, yes or no?

Post by Sandra Blazquez Estelles on Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:28 am

Social diversity is the quantity of people oprime different cultures, countries, religions.... that are living in the same place.
In my opinion social diversity is very good because we can learn from other cultures, know new people with other thinkings. Eat their typical food, learn how to respect everybody...
It’s also good because like this the country has more culture and the tourists like this. The country can take ideas from the countries of the immigrants and use the to improve or de ello them.
But sometimes as we are so many different people living in the same place there can be conflicts. But to stop this we did a poster in class to integrate immigrants.

In conclusion a place with social diversity has loads of good things and only one problem that we can solve if we work together.

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