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Post by Paula Saus Bartolomé on Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:32 am

We know immigration is present in our society due to wars and conflicts around the world.
At the same time we can see that migration also occurs because of job requirements and facilities.

It’s being a difficult moment because, as we mentioned before, there are wars and conflicts and people have to migrate to survive.
The countries say they accept immigrants but in reality they open the doors of their territory just to half of the people they promised they’d received.

Even so, there are immigrants in almost every country and they are causing, in some points of view, that the population i
ncreases causing an unbalance between the middle-aged and the elderly.
For other points of view, this helps with the young population and reduces the low fertility rate.

In our country immigrants may not be completely integrated due to cultural or social problems like the language or the religion.
Also the fact of having people with xenophobia doesn’t help them to be introduced in the society.

For that reason it will be interesting if the country had a method in which people could be integrated easily.
A solution could be creating activities, with the help of the social services,
where people could participate in daylife activities where they could make relationships.

Paula Saus Bartolomé

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