Are immigrants integrated into Spain’s society ?

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Are immigrants integrated into Spain’s society ? Empty Are immigrants integrated into Spain’s society ?

Post by Paula2004 on Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:06 pm

I think the answer to this question is YES, because of these reasons:
ECONOMIC effects: this takes part when immigrants came to Spain and work, a part of the savings of migrants workers is sent to relatives in their countries. Immigrants also benefit the economies (they stimulate economic expansion) and they increase the supply of labour . Migrant workers pay taxes in the host country.
SOCIAL effects: as some immigrants have qualifications they benefit the host country but makes the country poorer. They can change demographic patterns, young immigrants contribute to increasing birth rates. Immigrants are normally concentrated together with other people.
CULTURAL effects: we can say that there are challenges and difficulties to the integration of immigrants in the host society. When immigrants arrive, they normally just know their language, traditions, values and cultures. Immigrant ion is a way how native population can contact with different cultures.


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