Integration of imigrants

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Integration of imigrants Empty Integration of imigrants

Post by Zhanying on Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:48 am

Immigrationto Europe has enlarged at the end of Second World War,the integration of migrants is a challenge to the established patterns of nation building and to space welfare state policies.I think immigrants are not fully integrated in the native population,I think they can find a better life and better everything in another country but they don’t have to forget we’re they come from and their original language ,religion and all that stuff immigrants are treated differently ( some of them ),I think they can’t integrate completely to the native population,they can think that but they never will become actually a part native population .this are some differences between immigrants and native population:
-immigrants earn 22% less than native worker
-half of the immigrants are uninsured,compared to 16 % of the USA born workers


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