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Post by Miranda Pérez García on Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:37 pm

I agree with the sentence ‘social diversity is a good think’ because it doesn’t matter the color, breed or religion. We all must respect the others I know isn’t possible but we can do it (majority). If we respect each other without think in their breed or religion we can all a good social life. There are lot of people that cannot do things because of their color or physical problems. Imagine you had born with a mental problem and you need the doble of time than a normal person to do something when you are a child, but every year you look for solutions and you dominated, it mustn’t be a problem no? Some people with problems or different color cannot find a work because people only think about it and doesn’t look the good things that have this person for the job. I think having social diversity is a good thing. It doesn’t matter color, breed, diseases or if that person is poor or rich. We all must accept that person without thinking in the bad things.

Miranda Pérez García

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