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Post by Carla Pérez Gascón on Sun Feb 18, 2018 6:39 pm

In my opinion social diversity, which is the different characteristics, origins and lifestyles between some individuals or groups of people, is a good thing because if we were all the same, there wouldn’t be any excitement in our lifes and we couldn’t learn anything new or acquire the essential values that we get because of the problems that we have with other people because of our differences. It’s also good because the differences form the perfect balance and because we could improve the society we live in and our culture and also evolve looking and studying the strengths of the other cultures and religions that surround us.

Although social diversity is a really important thing in society and we should be very thankful for having it we still have a lot of issues accepting the differences of other people and also accepting our differences and instead of looking at them as weaknesses we should look at them as strengths and the pillars of our society.

Carla Pérez Gascón

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