Social diversity, god or bad?

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Social diversity, god or bad? Empty Social diversity, god or bad?

Post by Natalia Monserrat on Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:57 pm

In my opinion social diversity provides many different aspects to our culture. I think thanks to social diversity we can learn many new things from other cultures which we didn’t know about. We can learn about their festivities, religion, sports or language, this forms us as a plural society. Some people think social diversity is bad because they’ve got fear to foreigners ( xenophobia), they think that if more people come to their country there would be less job opportunities for people who were already living there, if they join with other cultures they will lose their own one, and they think they have no rights or acces to public services, such as health and education because they’re not in their natal country.
I think there shouldn’t be conflicts between people from other cultures because we are all the same and racism or xenophobia should have disappeared.
Social diversity = good

Natalia Monserrat

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