Social diversity, pros and cons

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Social diversity, pros and cons Empty Social diversity, pros and cons

Post by Àngel Baró on Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:55 am

I thing that is a good thing , because we can learn more about different things, so we will know differents ways of thinking. If we knew those things we will do a better work in our job, because we will know differents ways to do our work so like this we can choose the best way to do it. Also we can learn differents beliefs like studying another religion, or learning another way for how to lead a country... but also it can be worst, because can cause disasters like wars, conflicts... so that can cause many families to be destroyed because of these types of conflicts. So I thing that social diversity it’s not always good, can be also sad and bad. Not only those things can be caused but also economically it’s worst because someone has to repair what causes the conflicts, for example, if they do a war in a city, these city would be destroyed so they have to repair it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a war, can be also caused by an strike. So my conclusion it’s that social diversity can be a better thing if we learn how to managed good.

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