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Social diversity. Empty Social diversity.

Post by Sofía Martínez Martínez on Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:59 am

Social diversity is indeed a good thing. Diversity is the difference between individuals or groups of people when we look at their characteristics, origins and lifestyles (page 48 book). Thanks to diversity we are all special and unique in the world, if this (diversity) didn’t exist the humanity’s existence wouldn’t make sense. Our physical and cultural characteristics define who we are but do not give us more privileges. Racism is due to social diversity, some people think black our Chinese people (for example) with different characteristics, do not deserve a good life. This is why, almost a century ago, Americans took black people as their salves, causing a war between these two races. We all deserve that people respect us just the way we are, everybody in the world belongs to the same species despite having different physical characteristics.

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