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Post by Alejandro Campillo Moreno on Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:12 pm

Social diversity is all of the ways that people within a single culture are set apart from each other.
We can identify them when we look at their characteristics, origins and lifestyles.
It makes people interested in others people’s ethnics, cultures, gastronomy, religions...

I think we have to change lots of things like:
* Make some advertisements to stop radical people.
* Tell to the people to learn and discover other cultures, religions...
For example: if you are budist you could learn other religions like the cristianisim.
*Also in Siria there are been lots of wars because the people that live there are not agree in they way of thinking about our lifes and religions.
I will change this also because lots of people are dying.
* The last thing I will change is the way when some people gobern a city and change lots of things.

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