Is social diversity a good thing?

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Is social diversity a good thing? Empty Is social diversity a good thing?

Post by Diego Cebrian Podvarcu on Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:19 pm

I totally agree with this statement. Social diversity is when people from outside of Spain immigrate to our country, bringing their characteristics, their cultures, their way of life, their political views, their customs or their religions. And this is good because in this way we will have other points of view to compare them with ours. It does not mean that everything that comes from outside Spain is good. But we will have the possibility to take advantage of the positive things that each one has and discuss the negatives. the option of being different things that makes us richer, because we can learn from other peoples of their culture, their gastronomy, their art, their music ... Igually they can learn from us. But for this it is necessary to respect and be tolerant, open. Do not think that the characteristics that define us give us special rights or privileges.Thinking in this way, we would get to the confrontations. This would not happen because people are different, because of diversity, but because we feel rejected when we realize that they are different and we are afraid to the unknowlege . To stop thinking that our characteristics, origins, lifestyle, customs, religion are the best ones can only be corrected with education.

Diego Cebrian Podvarcu

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Is social diversity a good thing? Empty Re: Is social diversity a good thing?

Post by Javier Bargues Trillo on Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:46 am

Good job Diego! You’ve given me another type of view from this sentence. There is only one thing I will include, that people can also create conflicts because they don’t know other people’s customs and their laws.
For example, if a Chinese boy goes to New Jersey and he slurps the soup, because in China that means the soup was good, he would go to prison because a law from New Jersey says that it is ilegal to slurp the soup.

Javier Bargues Trillo

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