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Post by Diego Fernández on Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:15 pm

- We can discover new ways of thinking about some topics like politic, religion, origins of life, what is good and what is bad.
- They can heplp you to make up you mind in some things and reconsider what you thought about life.
- We can learn new cultures, customes, knowledges, lenguages, history, traditions... that are better than ours and we would like to try.

- They can cause conflict because of a different view of politics, religion...
- They have caused lots of wars such as the first and Second World War and the actual war in Siria because of a different way of thinking about life and religions. The differences have been bad for world because million of people have died.

Conclusion: I think there is not a good thing but I also don’t think is a bad thing because there is not crazy societies, the problem is that their way of thinking is very different and contradictory to us. I think the world will be better if all people are agree in some things.

Diego Fernández

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Social diversity Empty Re: Social diversity

Post by Marcos Piquer Melero on Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:18 pm

You did it very well Diego! I agree with all things in ( Disadvantages ) you wrote that you thought that it could cause conflict of different views of religion and politics but I also think that it could be also economics. But you did a very good job

Marcos Piquer Melero

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