Are immigrants fully integrated in Spanish society?

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Are immigrants fully integrated in Spanish society?

Post by Carlos Mora Cano on Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:07 pm

I think that there are SOME immigrants integrated, not all.
Some already know Spanish, know about our culture,
and our daily routine. Plus, a bad thing is that when people hear
the word “immigrant”, they think they’re running from wars or for economic
reasons. That is not always true, because an immigrant can be an American, French,
English doctor, or an experienced scientist that just comes to live to Spain.
But the good thing is that many immigrants,
apart from knowing all this, they conserve they culture,
they traditions, which is very good for Spain, because it
brings multiculturalism to the country. On other the
other hand, some immigrants are not fully integrated. They don’t know Spanish,
don’t have jobs, live on the streets...etc
We must help these people for Spain to be a developed country.

Carlos Mora Cano

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