Are Immigrants Fully Integred in the Spanish Society?

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Are Immigrants Fully Integred in the Spanish Society?

Post by Justin Mandel on Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:50 pm

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An Immigrant is someone who comes from a country. The thing is, they aren’t always escaping wars as everyone thinks, and that’s why I hate reading about every single News, Opinion or Definition I read. They are who migrate from a country, and many people think they’re coming because of escaping wars and many people are racist and xenophobic. They aren’t always accepted in societies because they have different traditions or ways to be.

My opinion is that we should accept them with open arms, some immigrants could be escaping form wars, what if this happened to Spain? Do you think they would help us? Of course, that’s why we need to help them as they would have done. 
They aren’t fully integred in the Spanish Society, many don’t even know how to speak Spanish. We should provide solutions to this! We could create special classes for them to adapt slowly to our society, and they could teach us something nice too! The classes would be free, and the teachers would be volunteers who would love to help them.

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