Immigrants in Spain.

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Immigrants in Spain. Empty Immigrants in Spain.

Post by Sofía Martínez Martínez on Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:47 am

First of all, every emigrant has a reason to emigrate to another country; to escape from poverty, famine, war, extreme climates... there is always a because. Most of the immigrants that come to Spain are from Romania, Morocco, United Kingdom, Italy and Ecuador. These people may or not have difficulties to integrate completely. The action of migration has cultural, economic and social effects, but the cultural consequences are the ones that affect people the most.
When we talk about integration, we usually think about racism or gender equality. Most of the immigrants, during the first months, have problems to integrate to their new culture; it can be caused by different factors: the skin colour, face features, body shape... (races). So my answer to that question is NO, many people that come from foreign countries find it difficult to find a job or children can be excluded from the other children in their school. WE HAVE TO SAY NO TO RACISM AND YES TO TOLERANCE IN OUR SOCIETY.

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