Do you think immigrants are integrated in Spain?

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Do you think immigrants are integrated in Spain?

Post by Irene Bru Aparisi on Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:45 am

I think, immigrants are not fully integrated in the Spanish society, as they have different opinions than us: in religion, politics or values.

A clear example in religion will be that Spanish people believe in a Jesus or God, but immigrants believe in a different God such as Alá.

Another example, is that due to immigrants, Spanish people are being fired and don’t have a job. Lots of immigrants who arrive to Spain, remove Spanish people from their jobs. In my opinion we have to stop this, as if we don’t, all the jobs will be occupied by immigrants and none of us would have a job to pay our possessions.

I think that trying to help the people from Arabic Countries from their actual problems creates new problems in Spain such as poverty, and this will probably take us to another crisis like in 2008.

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