Immigration in Spain

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Immigration in Spain Empty Immigration in Spain

Post by Amanda Ruiz on Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:38 am

Many people come to Spain searching for a better life. Some come to find a job, others to escape from war. They try to integrate in Spain, but not many of them achieve that. It is quite difficult to integrate in another country : first, you must look for a place to live in ; second , you must learn the official lenguage of the place you have immigrated to (in this case, Spanish); third, you must find a job; and fourth , you ‘ll have to try to integrate and to be in contact with people from the place you have immigrated to.
So in conclusion , it is actually very difficult to integrate in a foreign country, as you have to learn its customs and about its culture in order to fit in and to integrate in that country. That may be the reason why, only few people have actually managed to integrate in Spain and even they have achieved to be mistaken by Spanish people.

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