Are immigrants completely integrated in Spain?

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Are immigrants completely integrated in Spain? Empty Are immigrants completely integrated in Spain?

Post by Jorge2004 on Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:44 pm

All immigrants can isolate themselves from people who are not of their same nationality or country and relate only to those of their own country because they don’t feel different, they don’t have to learn new languages or new customs to adapt to another country because they want to feel as if they where on their native country. By doing this in this way, you can cause areas or neighborhoods inhabited by people from the same origin or country who live together for cultural reasons, to which it is nearly impossible to access by the local population. Almost all of the immigrants are not fully integrated in Spain because there are Spanish people that support racism and do not welcome immigrants into Spain because they think they will take their jobs. Basic health care and economical aid must be provided. The problems of immigrants who don’t find or get a job is that they despair and to live they become thieves and they become to steal things, trafficking with drugs, this increases the crime of the country in which they are.


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