Are immigrants fully adapted?

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Are immigrants fully adapted? Empty Are immigrants fully adapted?

Post by Martina Gómez Fernández on Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:46 pm

There are a lot of immigrants in Spain so I think that that has helped us (Spanish people) to improve our accepting people skills but I don’t think immigrants are fully integrated because there is still some people that don’t accept others with different religion, language, culture, the way the dress up...
For example, in the street if someone that doesn’t accept Muslim people and sees a Muslim there are cases where the person says something to offend, make feel bad the Muslim person or even hurt him/her.
I know that is really sad that things like that are still happening and I hope that in a close future this actions don’t happen.
Another fact that affects that immigrants don’t fully integrate in Spain is that sometimes the immigrants themselves don’t adapt because they do not accept culture, religion ... or sometimes it's because they do not know the language.

Martina Gómez Fernández

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Are immigrants fully adapted? Empty Re: Are immigrants fully adapted?

Post by Albertodominguezferrando on Fri Feb 23, 2018 10:00 am

I agree in all what you have said but I don’t think the example you have said of Muslim people in the street is not true because they should be respectful although that happens but not much


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