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Post by Lucía Gutierrez on Sun Feb 18, 2018 7:56 pm

Yes I agree with social diversity, because I think it is a good think that in the world there are different people, sink color, cultures, religions, personalities... And all the people must respect this , but the bad and sad thing is that not lot of people respect the diversity, because they think it is a bad thing, they insult if somebody has a different sink color, they think that the people that is of others religions are bad people... But we have to stop this. Because we have to teache from the beginning to young people that social diversity is good and to tell the adult people that don’t agree with this that they are wrong, and to show them why, for example is a good thing because there are more religions so you can decide whit religion you what to be...

Lucía Gutierrez

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Social diversity  Empty Re: Social diversity

Post by Lucia Sancho Cormán on Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:05 pm

You did a very good job. Although you have some vocabulary mistakes such as sink when you were trying to say skin. I agree with you in everything, but I think it would’ve been interesting to say some solutions to this problem, because as you said some people still think social diversity is bad a thing so you could have put some programmes that are happening know in schools to change this.

Lucia Sancho Cormán

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