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Post by Teresa Codoñer Esparza on Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:48 am

I think social diversity is not a bad thing. I understand that people believe in different religions, are different physically and like doing things maybe I don’t like doing or that I don’t understand why do they do them.
Even in the same place, there are different people, for example in Valencia there are people that usually go elegant and there is people that like going with jeans and a T-shirt; there is people that like going in one or two colors and there is people that think that the more colors you wear, the prettier you look.
I also think that if everyone believed in the same religion, had the same skin color and liked doing the same things, it would be very boring because you wouldn’t know different people, if you are at work, you see an elegant man/woman, who believes in the same religion as you and does the same things you do; if you are walking in the street and meet someone, he/she dresses elegant, believes on the same religion as you and likes doing the same things you do. At the end everyone would be the same, even if you met different people they would look the same.

Teresa Codoñer Esparza

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Social diversity Empty Re: Social diversity

Post by Moisés Nebot Micó on Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:12 pm

I agree with you in most of the comment, I think that social diversity is a good thing as you said before. The example you wrote in your comment is a little bit confusing, but at last, I got it. I think that you could wrote another example in your comment which is clear than the one you wrote, but that’s not a big mistake. The comment, is in general very well written, but it has some little mistakes. You have done a very good work writing your comment, because it shows that you understood very good the topic.
Good job Teresa, I hope I have helped you to improve your next comment.

Moisés Nebot Micó

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