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Post by SamuelMoya on Sat Feb 17, 2018 5:57 pm

The social diversity understood by different types of society, such as religious, cultural, political, economic ..., in the religious when you know many religions you move away from fundamentalisms, in cultural when you know different things, when you go to another country you will know how to orientate and know their way of living and their customs, in politics when you know you have the power to reach different agreements knowing the different political perspectives and economic allows you to better appreciate the things you have since there are people who surely do not have the same luck that you, all these diversities that I have explained are complex and sometimes appear conflicts for it but I agree that social diversity is a good thing because it brings diversity in the way of seeing things, analyzing the problems, of finding solutions, in the way to confront conflicts and solve them. It is also a good thing because it is very interesting to know people from different characteristics, origins and lifestyles, religious beliefs, political views, cultural values ... The is a good thing because it enriches you with good things that you did not know before and that you can help for many purposes.


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