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Post by Nacho ferrandiz on Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:09 pm

I think inmigrants are not very adapted to Spain society and I think that is a very bad thing because if they don't do an effort for adapted because if no we are not going to do an effort for help him.
Also I think inmigrants rate in Spain is very high is so high that we can't tame every one because we don't have so high economic level and if we do it we can be in the crisis for twenty years more and like anyone wants that I think we must do a plan for know who many people we can take care of them.
Also I think they are having a very bad behaviour because every one is afraid of them because is obviously everyone is not bad but if 1of 100 is bad you will welcom someone who you knows that one of 100 is going to be evil.
Finally I want to say that I think the problem is in his or her countries and what we have to do is to help to resolve the problems in their countries because like that they will be happier because they don't really like to be in our countries because we don’t have the same Cultures and we don’t think like that and also we don’t really like them because we are afraid of them.

Nacho ferrandiz

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Post by María José Miró on Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:37 pm

I agree with you in that we have to help them to resolve their problems because like this no so much people will immigrate and they will be happier.But I don’t agree in what you had said of that they are having bad behaviour as everyone is like it is but it’s true not all the people is good.
You did a very good job,well done !

María José Miró

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